(Six Squared) Take (One Plus The Square Root Of Fourty Nine)-UP!!!!

In our Year 10 English class we have been studying and watching the ‘7Up’ series and its installments, so far we are up to ’28Up’. We have been watching how each person develops and what the differences are between each person based on upbringing. In this blog post I will be writing about Simon, how he has developed and matured and what sot of things have influenced this.

Simon is (so far in the series) a 28 year old man, with a couple of children, actually five. He works at a frozen meat works and is pretty content with life. Simon is one of the characters that have changed the most yet at the same time kept a pretty normal life style. Throughout each installment Simon’s attitude to life stays mostly the same but his goals and drams change. He went from someone who originally wanted to be a wanderer, to  film star, then to an electrical engineer to finally being a meat works laborer. Simon is not a very ambitious person but had a few dreams in his life.

Earlier on in the series, you could see the sort of sadness in his life, but as he grew up and started to accept things and move on he seems to look very happy. Also with Simon’s new family he wants to encourage them but not push them, he wants to be a good father, something Simon didn’t have when he was younger. Throughout the UP series you can see how Simon went from a guy who had a day-fly like attitude to life to a more serious person.

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HAPPY 100TH VIEW!!!!!!

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Who am I?

I’ve been asked this question by many people. And Its a hard one. How difficult could a three worded question be? I had a look and found the answer. If only this question could be answered with one word. Who am I? Lets start real basic. I’m a guy. I’m 15 years old. I’m half Kiwi and half Korean. I’m 174 centre meters high or for those who like it 1.74m. Some call me a brainiac and a lot call me an idiot. I guess its how I act on a given day. I have brown hair and brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. I enjoy soccer and games CSGO and LOL alike. I enjoy music, Beethoven mainly. I play the piano I enjoy it, I play for everyone.  And I want to use this talent to serve in some way.  People call me a study freak but that’s not always true. I like studying but I’m not a freak. Maths, Science, PE are my favourite subjects, sorry Mr Stok, English is a struggle. But I hope you understand. But when it comes to, “HEY HO AN ESSAY” I pray and hope for somebody to take such a Torment away. What do I want to do in the future? I think that ties in with Who I am. Because who you are is what shapes your future. Well I’m considering a few things. University happens to be one of those. I also want to do a short-term mission trip. When I grow up I wish to be one of three things. 1. Software Enginner/Developer. 2. Forensic Scientist/Criminologist. 3. Marine Biologist. What fascinates me about all these things its a type of science. My interest in computers and software have grown out of games. Perplexed and amazed about how people produce cool games and movies. With Forensics I was captivated by Mr Le Sueurs classes, also while watching Sherlock Holmes :P. Marine biology comes from my love of the sea. Fish taste good, look cool and swim fast.

Last thing I want to say is I have good refining skills. I mean I just edited this blog post down from 500 words to 350. I’m amazed I can write so much about nothing.

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Tyler Style or should I say Tiller Style

Well this is my attempt of writing like Tiller where things don’t make sense but keep people interested. I don’t know how I should carry on, should I talk about my personality? Maybe I shouldn’t because I would bore people out of reality. I have just seemed to notice my vocabulary is lacking and that Tiller doesn’t talk in a rhyme cos im slacking.


The point of this blog is to try be like Senpai. Not to annoy everyone and make them cry. I feel I’m an Asthete. And no thats not Athlete. Its a kind of person who appreciates art. You may be wondering why I think Tylers style is Smart. It fascinates me and makes me think. What kind of person talks and writes in a way to make me rethink. Of the way I write as it possibly bores. Many people to want not bother and ignore. All the things I blog about. Makes me have a look and possibly doubt. Is it worth writing about all this junk. I must sound like a flippin drunk. Before you all judge me and call me a halfwit. Ughh enough of this rhyming my heads gonna split.

Senpai Have I pleased you.

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Victorian Representative Team

Well today I got some pretty sweet news, because of the Ballarat Country Titles I was selected for the Victorian Rep Team to go to the National Fustal Comp in Brisbane later this year. One problem is that it costs $1,675 to attend, accommodation, training, AFA Reregistration. So I really hope I can do this. Your pray and support will be greatly appreciated.

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Finding your Passion.

Heres a really good video. Never give up and find your passion.

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Is this the way of our future?

Today in english class I was shown something incredible. Something that might change my ideas of what I want to do when I grow up. I found it incredibly amazing how so many problems with architecture is solved with one thing-Bamboo. Watch it, its worth it. Bamboo Magic 2 Bamboo Magic 3 Bamboo Magic 4Bamboo Magic Bamboo Magic 5

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